Special Education

Laura Hellmann
Director of Special Education

The philosophy of special education in Erlanger-Elsmere is to meet the unique needs of all children by providing individualized programs which encourage a child to develop to his or her fullest potential.  Implied in this statement is that no child of school age in the Erlanger-Elsmere School District is to be denied an appropriate education because of a disability.



Special Education provides instruction to meet the specific educational needs of children with disabilities in such areas as curriculum, methodology, materials and trained teachers.  It also involves remedial and supportive services required to assist exceptional students in taking advantage of, or responding to, educational opportunities or programs.  These services may be integrated with, or provided in addition to, those services included in regular education.  Specific special education services are provided according to the Kentucky State Guidelines for students in disability areas such as:

· Mental disabilities

· Emotional/behavioral disabilities

· Learning disabilities

· Developmental delays

· Physical disabilities (Hearing, vision, autism, etc.)

· Communication disabilities

The Erlanger-Elsmere Schools participate in the Northern Kentucky Cooperative for special education.  Students from the seventeen Northern Kentucky school districts are eligible for these programs.

Director of Special Education

Laura Hellmann

Ensor Educational Annex

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Erlanger, KY 41018

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