State Funded Pre-School (State Funded Pre-School (Four Year Olds and qualifying Three Year Olds)

Last Updated: 6/15/2022 5:03 PM

Kentucky school districts are required to offer developmentally-appropriate early childhood programs for four-year-old children at risk of educational failure (participating children must be income eligible and age 4 by August 1 of the school year) and three- and four-year-old children with disabilities. To participate as a four-year-old at-risk student, the child's household income must be at 160% based on the Federal Poverty level. Income guidelines are adjusted annually by the Federal Government and posted by KDE.

Any child three or four year old, who has a disability or a developmental delay, may participate regardless of family income.

Services provided include:

  • Hearing screening (hearing, vision, growth and general health, immunizations)
  • Developmental screening (cognitive, communication, self-help/adaptive, motor and social-emotional skills)
  • Coordination with medical, health, mental health and social service agencies (to meet the comprehensive needs of children)
  • Developmentally appropriate preschool education (a half-day developmentally appropriate preschool program, generally in a mainstream setting)
  • Nutrition (at least one meal plus nutrition information as part of the curriculum)
  • Parent education (a minimum of two home visits, parent-teacher conferences, and opportunities to volunteer, attend parent education workshops, and otherwise learn about and help support their child's development)

Erlanger-Elsmere Schools (EES) may register students year round.  EES Preschool Program is delivered in 3 hours sessions (either morning or afternoon) for 4 days weekly, Monday - Thursday.  Locations are at Arnett Elementary School and at the Early Learning Center at Lloyd Memorial High School. 

Guidance for all of these programs may be provided by Ms. Jessica Soules —Director of Pre-School Programs, Erlanger-Elsmere Schools.  She may be reached at (859) 342-2427, or