A vote you can get behind for the youngest members of our community

Erlanger/Elsmere Schools recently submitted a national grant to State Farm Insurance’s Neighborhood Assist program. We recently found out that of 2000 applicants for this award, we were one of 200 finalists for our grant’s cause AND one of only four finalists in the entire state of Kentucky!

So what can you do? We need your votes to win…VOTE 10xs a Day for the next 10 Days!!!! We need over 100,000 votes!
Go to http://neighborhoodassist.com/entry/1984042 using your computer, tablet or phone. The national voting window opens at midnight Oct. 25 and runs through Nov. 4. You can vote for our cause 10 times per day EVERYDAY for each email account that you own!

Reach out to your family, your friends, and your contacts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to ask for their votes and share our URL listed above. If our grant is chosen, Erlanger/Elsmere Schools, and our Early Childhood Education partners stand to win a $25,000 grant for our children!

With this grant, we can more successfully support our young children through mobile communication devices such as audio books, speech to text writers, picture communication and sign language apps, etc. We can also provide more hands-on materials, screening tools, and training for staff and parents to address these needs. By increasing communication skills early in a child’s life we place our children on a more successful path in both school and life.


Click here to vote. 

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