Informational Message for all Parents/Guardians and Staff

The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security issued a release describing a possible threat, generic in nature, to schools in Arkansas and Kentucky for Wednesday, August 28, 2019.  They have not confirmed the source or verified the threat.  The Kentucky Office released this statement:  

“We are aware of a Facebook post circulating about a possible incident at a school being planned for the 28th in Kentucky and the 29th in Arkansas.  Initially, the threat was reported to FBI Little Rock from an individual outside of the US.  The threat was read in a gaming chat room that indicated there is going to be an incident at a Kentucky on the 28th of this month.  The threat DID NOT name a specific location in either state and was very generalized.  At this time, the complaint is UNSUBSTANTIATED.  If anything further develops from this report, the KIFC will push out additional information as it becomes available.  The FBI and the KIFC, as well as state and local law enforcement, continue to monitor this situation.”

At no time was any Erlanger-Elsmere School specifically mentioned in the threat. The Erlanger-Elsmere School District will continue to communicate with local, state, and federal authorities as needed, going forward.  The safety of our students, staff and visitors is of the utmost importance to us.  As always, our school and district administrators are available to discuss any concerns.  

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