Important NTI Information for Parents and Contact Information of Teachers, Schools, and the District


March 16, 2020

Dear EES Families:

As you know this week, we are transitioning to (NTI) Nontraditional Instructional Days.  While we know that NTI days will be quite different than the meaningful instruction and interactions that occur in our classrooms, these days are intended to keep our students immersed in learning. We thank you in advance for partnering with us in this process. 

NTI Day Information 

Our teachers are working on finalizing the assignments students will be asked to do over the NTI Days.  As a reminder an explanation of NTI Days can be found on our district website at this link:

NTI Schedule for this Week:

Monday-Read at home

Tuesday-Read at home

Wednesday- NTI Day Receive online and/or hard copy assignments and begin the assignments

Thursday- Continue with assignments

Friday- PLC Day (No school per the original calendar)


Assignments and Pick-Up

Our teachers are working on finalizing the assignments students will be asked to do over the NTI Days. Our schools will have online assignments and packets of hard copy work available to you for pick up on Wednesday, March 18th.  If you do not have access to the internet, your student will only need to complete the hard copy assignments.  Please look for a communication from your student’s school to let you know more about that if you have not already received communication. All of the work we are sending with students online or in the form of hard copy should be work that the students should be able to do on their own.  However, our teachers will strive to be in contact with students and you and will be available by email if you need anything.  Please email your child’s teacher if you should need any assistance or have any questions.


Contacting Teachers

Email addresses may be found in the staff directory located on any of our schools’ websites.  You can access contact information for any teacher in the district from any school website by entering the name and clicking on the drop down boxes located at this link:


Contacting Schools and District Services with Questions or Concerns

Please know that we will remain available to you and our students to answer questions and provide as many resources and supports as possible. Therefore, we ask that you first try to contact schools and departments via email, then try to call if you need to speak directly with someone.  All contact information for school and district administrators and office personnel can be found at this link:  This information is also posted on our district website. Please also know that starting on Wednesday when you call the location our staff may be remotely answering the call.


Ongoing Services to Students and Families:

As a reminder, we are continuing to work to provide meals, the Food Pantries at Tichenor and Arnett, and other services.  Information about those services may be found on our district website and at this link:


In closing, please know that we are here for our students and for you.  If you should need assistance with any thing from assistance with student assignments to information about our food pantries please contact us at 859-727-2009. 

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