Changes to the Healthy at Schools Guidance Document

Social Distancing in Classrooms

We are now permitted to decrease the distance between students in the classroom from six (6) feet to three (3) feet. We are still to maintain six (6) feet of distance between students in common areas and while eating. Six (6) feet remains the distance for determining close contacts to positive cases of COVID-19.

Temperature Checks

Effective immediately we are no longer required to do a temperature check for all students upon arrival to school or when getting on a school bus. Temperature checks are only required if the student is symptomatic at school.

Continue to support one another as a school community. Please do not send your child to school or extra-curricular activities if they are ill, have symptoms of COVID-19, or are awaiting COVID-19 test results.

Safety expectations related to social distancing (revised), masking, hand hygiene, cleaning, isolation, and quarantine will remain in place and consistent with current practice.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Board Office or your child’s school.

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