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Local Boards of Education
To carry out public education at the local level, the General Assembly created locally elected boards of education. According to KRS 160.160, the local board exists to manage and control the school district. Local boards are composed of five members, except for Jefferson County, which has seven members. There are two types of local districts, independent and county. Each county is represented by a county school district board; independent boards represent districts in communities within the counties. Like the state board of education, the local board has certain direct administrative functions to perform, including adoption of an annual budget and consideration of student disciplinary matters such as expulsions; however, the principal role of the local board is to adopt policies that provide direction for the administration of the district.

The general powers and duties of the local board are outlined in KRS 160.160 and 160.290, but additional responsibilities of a local board are also detailed in other statutes.

Most of a local board of education’s duties are fulfilled with the adoption of district policies. Once policies are adopted, the focus shifts to the district superintendent and staff to implement the policies. Neither the board as an entity nor individual board members are involved with day-to-day administration of board policies or district administration; that responsibility by law falls on the superintendent and staff. However, the board does monitor overall district performance and can revisit, amend or repeal policies that it believes are in the best interest of the district.                                                        

Mr. Jeffrey Miller
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Vice Chairperson
Ms. Sarah Shackelford-Ross
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Ms. Teresa Loman Hunter
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Ms. Rachel Retherford
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Mr. Marvin Townsend
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Mr. Michael Nitardy
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Student Representative                 
Amy Moctezuma-Perez
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