School and District Office Contacts

Last Updated: 1/20/2021 2:22 PM

Arnett Elementary 859-727-1488

Administrative Assistant- Bev Brown

Attendance Clerk- Marsha Swegman

Counselor- Naomi Colliver

Counselor- Ivy Blanton

Instructional Coach- Loretta Simpson

Family Resource Coordinator 859-342-2351- Tracy Molley

Principal- Amanda New

School Resource Officer- Travis Nunn


Howell Elementary 859-727-1108

Administrative Assistant-Christi Bramlett

Attendance Clerk- Melissa Perkins

Counselor- Craig Dollins

Counselor- Sherry Ryle

Instructional Coach- Jacki Alexander

Family Resource Coordinator 859-342-2351 - Tracy Molley

Principal- Jessica Kreitzer

School Resource Officer- Travis Nunn


Lindeman Elementary859-727-1188

Administrative Assistant- Vickie Sullivan

Attendance Clerk- Dawn Ball

Counselor- Kathy Koerner

Counselor- Lori Brinkman

Instructional Coach- Krista Wainscott

Family Resource Coordinator- 859-342-2351 Tracy Molley

Principal- Angie Gabbard

School Resource Officer- Joel Shepherd


Miles Elementary859-727-2231

Administrative Assistant- Ashely Schefold

Attendance Clerk- Pearl Myles

Counselor-Katie Pilgram

Social Worker- Sandra Hartmann

Family Resource Coordinator-859-342-5201- Lauren Parker

Principal- Joshua Jackson

School Resource Officer- Joel Shepherd


Tichenor Middle School 859-727-2255

Finance Administrative Assistant- Heather Holtman

Administrative Assistant- Gina Johnson

Administrative Assistant- Tina Newsome

Counselor- Jen Dean

Counselor-Aubrey Ryan

Counselor- Lori Dickman

Youth Service Center Coordinator- 859-342-2426-Amber Evans-

Assistant Principal-Bob Noll

Assistant Principal- Darrell Cammack

Principal- Mac Cooley

School Resource Officer- Roger Ruby


Bartlett Educational Center-859-342-2460

Counselor- Scott Kimberlin

Assistant Principal- Jordan Floyd

Principal- Stefanie Stubblefield


Lloyd High School 859-727-1555

Finance Administrative Assistant- Pat Sexton

Administrative Assistant- Julie Bosley

Administrative Assistant- Laurabeth Smith

Counselor- Jennifer Glass-

Counselor-Jen Bird-

Counselor- Lori Dickman

Instructional Assistant- Annie Roberts-

Assistant Principal-Kyle Niederman

Assistant Principal- Erika Volpenhein

Youth Service Center- 859-342-5480- Maryann Moore

Principal- Mike Key

School Resource Officer- Scott Abney


Food Services- 859-342-4690

Amanda Ponchot


Health Services-859-342-2411 or 859-342-2418

District Health Coordinator- Melanie Dowdy


Families in Transition Services (Homeless Services) 513-429-0207

Families in Transition Coordinator - Shelley Werner-


Preschool Services-859-342-2427

Preschool Director- Donna Schulte

Preschool Instructional Coach- Jessica Soules

EES E3C Coordinator- Amy Cooley


Special Education Services-859-342-2427

Administrative Assistant- Sharon Lewis

Special Education Director-Chris Klosinski

English as a Second Language Services 859-342-2427

EL Interpreter/Support- Emely Gomez-

EL Coordinator- Nichole Neuhard-


Transportation and Facilities-859-727-4970

Transportation and Maintenance Director- Joe Lewis


District Athletics- 859-727-1555, Ext. 729

Bill Pilgram-


District Office- 859-727-2009

Administrative Assistant- Health, Insurance, Benefits, AESOP

Stacey McNabb

Administrative Assistant--Purchasing   Karen Roddy

Administrative Assistant- Purchasing, Vendors, etc.- Tina McGuire-

Administrative Assistant to the Supt.-Transportation, Substitutes, etc.- Monica Mackie

Payroll Administrator- Karen Kleisinger-

Technology Director- Laura Deters

Finance Director- Lisa Goetz

Director of Pupil Personnel- Safety, Attendance- Shawn Neace

Instructional Supervisor- Safety, Kindergarten Registration and Instruction- Michael Goodenough

Assistant Superintendent- Curriculum, Instruction-District Operations- Matt Engel

Superintendent- All categories- and District Operations- Chad Molley