Certified Substitute Teaching Checklist

Last Updated: 8/22/2019 12:51 PM

Before you can begin your first day as a certified substitute in the district, you must complete all of the following items:

  • Online Employment Application
  • Physical: Erlanger-Elsmere Schools will cover the cost of the physical through St. Elizabeth Business Health Center at 200 Medical Village Dr., Edgewood, KY 41017. Please call for an appointment at 859-301-2999. You may also choose to have the physical done elsewhere at your own expense. Wherever you get the physical, print out and take with you the required KDE Physical form, which is to be completed by the medical professional administering the physical.
  • Medical Questionnaire: Print and complete.
  • IRS Form W-4. Print and complete.
  • Kentucky Form K-4. Print and complete.
  • Federal Form I-9Print and complete (only need to print pages 7 and 8)
  • Statement concerning Social Security: Sign and complete to attest to having read and understood.
  • Direct Deposit Form: Print and complete.
  • Affordable Care Act Notice: Read the document hyperlinked here. This a notice only--there is nothing for you to sign or return.
  • Asbestos Notice: Read this document as well. Again, this is a notice only--there is nothing to sign or return.
  • Safe Schools: Safe Schools is an online training program. There are a number of short, interactive trainings that substitute teachers are required to complete. Please call the Board of Education at (859) 727-2009 to receive a username and password for this training.
  • Fingerprint Background Check:  A money order or cashier's check (cash and personal checks are not accepted) made payable to "The Erlanger-Elsmere Board of Education" and in the amount of $33.25 is necessary to cover the cost of a required fingerprint background check. This check will be completed at the board office.   

Please complete all items on the above checklist and return all of the above in person, along with either 1) a Driver's license and Social Security card OR 2) a passport to the Central Office at 500 Graves Avenue, Erlanger, KY 41018. Please feel free to call the Central office at 859-727-2009 with any questions.