March 2022

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Vaping: A dangerous introduction to nicotine
Howell academic team places first in Governor’s Cup
Schools celebrate Read Across America
Tichenor hosts family STEAM night
… and its first assembly in two years!
Lindeman students get hands-on
District Health Coordinator recognized for extraordinary efforts
Opportunities for diverse educators
Save the date for Summer Fair!
Events in Erlanger
Get ready for Election Day


Vaping Dangers

A dangerous introduction to nicotine

You’ve probably seen someone you know, sucking on something that resembles a USB flash drive. They may have even told you these e-cigarettes are safer than smoking a traditional cigarette. However, you may not know that vaping delivers heavy doses of nicotine.  What’s more, other harmful substances can be mixed into the vaping device.  

Vaping devices are battery operated and work by heating “juice” in a pod that contains nicotine, flavorings, or other harmful chemicals. After it is heated, this liquid creates a vapor that the user inhales.  Through inhaling the user gets a very quick and powerful burst of nicotine – similar to a cigarette experience, and also potentially more addictive.

Here are some things you should know about vaping:

  • The nicotine concentration in e-cigarettes can be the same or more as what’s found in cigarettes. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical that makes it very difficult to stop using.
  • The nicotine found in e-cigarettes are dangerous for any age to use. The U.S. Surgeon General has warned teens that usage of nicotine in any form is unsafe. 
  • e-Cigarette “juice” pods come in flavors that are made to appeal to youth.  Pods can be found that are: cool mint, fruit medley and mango, and many teens say that is what attracted them.
  • According to recent studies, young people who use e-cigarettes are more likely to use traditional tobacco products.
  • The true long-term health effects of vaping are not known yet.  However each cartridge or pod of e-liquid is made with a mix of water, nicotine, a propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin base and artificial flavorings.

Teens: customers for life
Many question whether e-cigarette manufacturers are marketing to youth. In short, yes. These devices make it easier for kids to try smoking. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that the advertising of e-cigarettes is reaching children and teens with alarming success. Vaping devices can be purchased through online web stores, such as eBay and Alibaba, with prepaid debit cards, making it much easier for youth to purchase the devices.  Studies also show that usage among high school and middle school students have doubled in just one year.  


Please talk to your teens about the dangers of vaping.
They listen. 

  • Check in frequently to see how they are doing
  • Choose informal times to talk, such as in the car, during dinner, or while watching TV
  • Be clear and consistent about your expectations regarding vaping and other substance use
  • Establish family agreements together for social and extracurricular activities
  • Let them know you care and are always there for them
  • Help your teen create an “exit plan” in case he or she is offered an e-cigarette or faced with a difficult decision about vaping (such as texting a code word to a family member). Peer pressure can be powerful, so coming up with realistic action steps and practicing them together in a safe environment will prepare and empower your teen to make good choices when it matters.
  • Continue talking with your teens as they get older. 

For more information about how to talk with your teen about vaping, follow the Kenton County Alliance to Prevent Substance Misuse, or visit and

E3C Drug Free Logo     KCA Logo

The Kenton County Alliance to Prevent Substance Misuse is a substance misuse coalition working to support drug free lifestyles among Kenton County youth. Director Diana O’Toole and Coordinator Amy Cooley, along with Consultant Nicole Rankin are working along with coalition members to continue prevention efforts with Kenton County youth.  


Howell Academic Team Howell Academic Team

Howell academic team places first at Governor’s Cup

The Howell Elementary School’s academic team recently tied for first place at Governor’s Cup district competition. The fourth and fifth-grade students competed against students from four other nearby schools, competing in written content assessments and quick recall. Many Howell students placed in the top three for written content and the Howell team placed second in quick recall, resulting in the tie for first place in the overall competition. 

“All of our students who placed in written content assessments moved on to the Governor's Cup regional competition against all other schools in the region as well as our Academic Team for quick recall,” said Ms. Kaylie Link, a Howell teacher who helped coach the team. “We did not place at Regionals but overall had an amazing season!”

What a great representation of Dorothy Howell Elementary. Thank you to Coach Link, Coach Carly Jasper, and Coach Paige Sterling for their leadership!


Schools celebrate Read Across America

To celebrate Read Across America Day, schools across the district hosted fun events reflecting Dr. Seuss and promoting a love of reading. 


Howell Family Night Howell Family Night Howell Family Night

Howell Elementary hosted its fourth Dr. Seuss Family Night for all Howell families. The event featured math, reading, and STEM activities geared toward students in kindergarten through fifth grade, as well as their younger siblings. The activities change each year and are all inspired by a different Dr. Seuss book. The Yertle the Turtle STEM stacking challenge was a big hit this year! Participants also had the opportunity to plant their own Truffula tree, design their own bookmark, or practice reading skills at the Green Egg Flip!

Reading Dr. Seuss

At Lindeman, Ms. Nicole Thomas’s class read Dr. Seuss stories and took a Dr. Seuss-inspired class photo!

Book Drive

Miles' Student Government partnered with Mrs. Ryan Elmore, the school’s librarian, to help organize fun events to help promote literacy.  Coming up with the idea all on their own, these students wanted to organize a book drive that would provide students – both within the school and the community – an opportunity to get their hands (and eyes) on books.  With over 250 books collected, Miles now has a free library for students to visit and take books home, as well as a great supply to keep the school’s community Lending Library up and running!

Each year, National Read Across America Day is celebrated on March 2, the birthday of Dr. Seuss. The annual event is part of Read Across America, an initiative created by the National Education to encourage children to read.


STEAM Family Night

Tichenor hosts family STEAM night

Tichenor Middle School hosted a family STEAM night. Families first enjoyed dinner then rotated through four different STEAM-related stations. Activities ranged from moon rocks, ice cream making, catapult and tower building, balloon cars, shamrock art, bots, fizzy art, DNA extraction, and more. 

The event was hosted by volunteers from Tichenor’s staff, NKU middle grade teaching students, the Kenton County E3C/Drug-Free Alliance, Lloyd’s Energy Club, and the Kenton County Public Library. 

SkoolAid Visit

… and first assembly in two years!
The school’s Youth Service Center sponsored the school’s first assembly in two years – a visit from SkoolAid that included a presentation focused on disability awareness followed by an opportunity for students and staff to participate in wheelchair basketball. 

SkoolAid was founded in 2011 by Ian C. Smith, a Northern Kentucky native with over 15 years of experience working with children. The organization got its start providing elementary summer programming, and quickly expanded its offering and team of instructors to provide after-school, summer, and supplemental school year incentive programs. Learn more at


Lindeman students get hands-on

Students at Lindeman Elementary have been having lots of fun this month!

Field Trip Field Trip

Fourth graders took a field trip to the Boone County Environmental Education and Nature Center. 



Energy Visit Energy Visit

… and also enjoyed a visit from the Lloyd High School Energy Team with Mrs. Melissa Stolz. 

Winter Guard

The Elementary Winter Guard participated in its final show of the season, in a most impressive performance! Way to go!



District Health Coordinator recognized for extraordinary efforts

Ms. Melanie Dowdy, District Health Coordinator, was recently recognized by Interact for Health for her dedication and hard work during the ongoing pandemic.  

This spring, Interact for Health is recognizing school nurses and their families by holding a random drawing for tickets to local attractions. Nominations were submitted by parents, school staff, and community partners in recent weeks, and Ms. Dowdy was selected and awarded admission for four to the Cincinnati Zoo.

“For almost two years, our school nurses have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic – this is in addition to the regular care they provide to children in our region,” Interact for Health recognized. “School nurses help keep schools open and safe. We’d like to thank you for all that you do to keep the children in the Erlanger-Elsmere District safe, healthy, and in the classroom!”


Opportunities for diverse educators

Northern Kentucky University has several opportunities for diverse educators, including an upcoming job fair and $10,000 scholarships. 

Job Fair

On April 28, NKU will host a job fair focused on recruiting and supporting diverse educators in Kentucky schools from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. in the Digitorium in Griffin Hall. The fair is geared toward both currently licensed diverse educators and professionals with bachelor's degrees who are interested in entering the profession but are not yet licensed.


Diverse Educator Grant

Northern Kentucky University has been awarded a Diverse Educator Grant for middle and secondary teachers. This grant – combined with their MAT program – will allow adults that have already earned a bachelor's degree in another field to easily transition into the classroom and an initial teaching license program at NKU.

Teacher candidates can apply to enroll in the program (with start dates in May or August) that is completed in roughly 20 months while simultaneously being issued a special teaching license allowing them to be hired in any Kentucky public school.

For more information, call 859.572.1567, email, or visit


Summer Fair

Save the date for Summer Fair!

The Erlanger-Elsmere School District is pleased to present Summer Fair, scheduled for Friday, May 6 from 6:00 – 7:00 in Scheben Gymnasium. This free event features booths highlighting summer activities in the district and community, including summer camps, summer school opportunities, sports camps, summer meal programs, preschool and daycare information, the Kenton County Public Library, and much more! Come enjoy free food, sign up to win a free week of summer camp, and have fun with the whole family!


Events in Erlanger

There is a lot going on in the City of Erlanger! Mark your calendar and get involved!

Star Party

Star Party
Join in the fun at a Star Party at Flagship Park on April 9. Hosted by the City of Erlanger and Cincinnati Observatory. Experts from the observatory will bring their telescopes and answer any questions about the moon, planets, and stars. Learn more...

Putt Putt

Putt Putt
On April 28, Erlanger residents will receive one free round of mini golf at Putt-Putt Golf of Erlanger with proof of residency. Learn more...

Arbor Day

Arbor Day Celebration
Join the City of Erlanger and Kenton County Parks & Recreation for an Arbor Day Celebration on April 30! They are celebrating Arbor Day by giving out 250 seedlings of the following trees: White Pine, Northern Red Oak, and River Birch while supplies last. Join in the main parking lot of Doe Run Lake Park, in the comfort of your car, to collect a native tree to plant in your yard - reforesting Northern Kentucky on your own terms! A ‘Grab N Go’ educational packet on how to plant your seedling will also be provided. Learn more... 

At each event, representatives from the city will be collecting non-perishable food items for BeCon if you would like to make a donation.



Get ready for Election Day

While Election Day isn’t until May 17, 2022, there have been many changes in the law in how Kentuckians can vote. Now is a good time to review these changes, check your registration status, and figure out how and where you are going to vote in this upcoming election so things go smoothly when Election Day arrives. 

Click here for more information.