October 2021

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National Pedestrian Safety Month

Congratulations, Mrs. Colliver

Get to Know Melanie Ceballos

Bartlett Students Learn to Cook

Tichenor Students “Meet” Author

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National Pedestrian Safety Month 

This October, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is launching the first National Pedestrian Safety Month with the goal of increasing awareness about pedestrian safety, and reminding drivers and walkers that staying safe is a shared responsibility.


Get more details and safety tips on our website: https://www.erlanger.kyschools.us/News/565...



Mrs. Colliver's Award

Mrs. Colliver with Mrs. Akin

Mrs. Colliver's Award

Mrs. Colliver with Ms. Rosenberg

Mrs. Colliver honored with Emerging Leader Award

Mrs. Naomi Colliver, a school counselor at Arnett Elementary, was recently selected by the Kentucky School Counselor Association as the recipient of their Emerging Leader Award. 

Mrs. Colliver was honored at the Awards Dinner during KSCA’s annual conference in Lexington with the Pamela Gabbard Emerging Leader Award, chosen based on her demonstrated leadership. KSCA President Sarah Akin mentioned Mrs. Colliver’s leadership in the Northern Kentucky Regional Professional Learning Network (PLN) for School Counselors, as she led the PLN last school year and continues to do so. Mrs. Akin shared that Mrs. Colliver has successfully involved numerous stakeholders in the PLN, allowing a variety of resources and support from around the Commonwealth to be showcased. By introducing these resources, other counselors (and Mrs. Colliver) have been able to better serve their students.  Mrs. Colliver has also been chosen as the KSCA Secretary for the upcoming school year, beginning July 2022. She will end her two-year commitment to leading the PLN at the regional level and move into the secretary position on the state board.

The evening was doubly special as Ms. Destiny Rosenberg was awarded the NKU School Counselor of the Year award. Ms. Rosenberg is currently an intern at Lloyd High School and she completed her school counseling practicum at Arnett last spring.

“It was such a tremendous honor,” Mrs. Colliver said. “I feel very confident any success I experience is a direct reflection upon the team I am blessed to work beside daily. The administrators at Arnett, the teachers and staff, and especially my amazing students comprise a very special team!”


Melanie Ceballos

A voice to be heard
Getting to know Melanie Ceballos

Melanie Ceballos is passionate about representing her peers, and she has found a natural fit as the student representative to the Erlanger-Elsmere Board of Education for the 2021-2022 school year. 

A senior at Lloyd Memorial High School, Melanie’s deep involvement in a wide variety of school activities acquaints her with many of her fellow students, making her well-suited for the role. In addition to Student Council and National Honor Society, Melanie is a cheerleader and member of the softball team. 

“I wanted to become a student board representative is because I wanted my voice to be heard, not only for me but for the benefit of my classmates as well,” Melanie said. “A major thing our student body is focusing on at the moment is revising the student dress code. It’s really great to hear everyone’s opinions, pull them together and have agreement as a whole.” 

Melanie is not just involved beyond the classroom, she’s a serious and dedicated student, using her time at Lloyd to prepare for life after graduation. This year, her schedule includes English, math, business, and technology, and she’s in a college-level dual-credit Logistics and Supply Chain Management program offered through Gateway Community and Technical College. 

“I absolutely love how encouraging our school staff is about going to college and all the awesome opportunities it has,” Melanie said. “I also like the opportunities that Erlanger-Elsmere brings to the table when it comes to after high school. Not only if you decide to go to college but also if you think college is not your future path."  

The energy, commitment, and dedication with which Melanie approaches the things she takes on point to a very bright future indeed. Next year, she plans to attend college to study psychology. Her long-term goals include achieving a college degree, building her own house, and traveling the world.  

Melanie lives in Erlanger with her parents, who she describes as very hard workers to provide for her and her siblings 24/7. Her brother, Enrique, is a student at Tichenor Middle School, while her younger brother Maximous and sister Evolette attend Howell Elementary. She also has a cat and three German shepherds. 

“I would like the people of Erlanger-Elsmere to know that I’ll always support my student body in what’s right and always do my best to be heard,” Melanie said. 


Cooking Class Cooking Class
Cooking Class Cooking Class

Bartlett students learn to cook

A teacher with a family farm, an experienced cook, and a class of willing students are the perfect ingredients for developing a winning recipe at Bartlett Educational Center. 

Mrs. Denise Donahue from the Kenton County Extension Office has been coming to Bartlett every week to teach students the basics of cooking. Mrs. Donahue works with the students to create meals from scratch that they could then make for themselves or their families. 

Mr. Scott Kimberlin, a counselor at Bartlett, was acquainted with Mrs. Donahue because he’d had one of her daughters in class. And, because Mr. Kimberlin lives on a farm, he has worked with Mrs. Donahue in her capacity at the Extension Office. During a conversation, Mrs. Donahue mentioned she’d like to come to Bartlett to teach students how to cook. Mr. Kimberlin thought it was a great idea. 

“Cooking is a basic life skill we all need,” Mr. Kimberlin said. “Plus, there’s so much to learn through taking measurements, considering nutrition, following food and kitchen safety protocols… I could go on and on.” 

The participants are so enthusiastic about their efforts that many re-create their recipes at home. Mrs. Donahue gives them copies of every recipe they make, and a number of students have made full meals for their families. 

“I’ve had parents call in and tell me what an awesome opportunity they think it is… they are so excited we’re teaching their kids to cook,” Mr. Kimberlin said. “And when other students see what the participants have whipped up it really breeds interest and excitement.”
The cooking class includes seven to 10 students at a time. Mr. Kimberlin puts the class together based on interest and inclination. High school kids earn half a credit for participating in the class from the start to the end of the semester. 

Mrs. Donahue has been providing this valuable life lesson to Bartlett students for the last several years. Of course, the pandemic sidelined things for a while, but this fall the program was back on track. Students have made omelets, homemade pizza, fish tacos, beef and chicken nachos, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and more. Oftentimes, the dishes include ingredients straight from Mr. Kimberlin’s farm. 


 Tichenor students read book, interact with author

Jerry CraftStudents at Tichenor Middle School had a wonderful opportunity to “meet” a popular author, thanks to the partnership of the Kenton County Public Library.


Each student at the school checked out New Kid, a graphic novel by Jerry Craft, via Hoopla, a digital media service offered through the library. They then read and discussed the novel with their seminar homeroom class before participating in a Zoom chat with Jerry Craft, sponsored by the Kenton County Public Library. 


Winner of the Newbery Medal, Coretta Scott King Author Award, and Kirkus Prize for Young Readers’ Literature, New Kid is a timely, honest graphic novel about starting over at a new school where diversity is low and the struggle to fit in is real. Because the book is geared toward students in middle grades, the content was interesting and relatable for Tichenor’s students.


“The event was great,” said Mrs. Melanie Gleason, Instructional Coach at Tichenor who worked with the library to coordinate the whole endeavor. Mr. Craft talked about his road to becoming a graphic novelist and answered several of our students’ questions while demonstrating artistic skills on his drawing software."  


"Hearing the author discuss his craft and share his inspirations with the students was awesome,” added Mr. Mac Cooley, Tichenor’s principal.


Collaboration with the Kenton County Public Library was key to the success of the event. Mrs. Gleason worked with Ms. Lise Tewes, KCPL’s School Services Coordinator, to make sure each student had a student library card before the year began, and then they used those cards to help students create an account with Hoopla. In addition to this school-wide event, the Hoopla account will allow Tichenor students to continue to use their library cards to check out ebooks and audiobooks.




Mrs. Arnold

Thank you, Mrs. Arnold

Mrs. Jane Arnold was recently recognized before the Lloyd Memorial High School football game for her long-time service to the district and children throughout Northern Kentucky. 


Mrs. Arnold had a long teaching career outside of the Erlanger-Elsmere School district and also taught for several years at both Tichenor and Lloyd. She then served as a substitute teacher and bus driver for many more years before retiring at the end of the 2019-2020 school year at the age of 79. 


Mrs. Arnold is a beloved fixture in the school district. She helped students on field trips and would talk to teams when they got back on the bus after a win or a loss. She would even attend sporting events if she wasn’t the driver. 


Prior to Lloyd’s game against Beechwood, Mr. Bill Pilgram, the district athletic director, recognized Mrs. Arnold and presented her with a Lifetime Athletics Pass as a small token of appreciation for all she has done over the years. 


Thank you, Jane Arnold, for being a part of the EES family, and enjoy your well-deserved retirement. People like you are what make our district such a special place. 



Lindeman learns ballet

Second graders at Lindeman Elementary recently had a very special visit from representatives of the Cincinnati Ballet. The visitors talked about some of the valuable benefits of ballet, including how it can improve posture, strength, and flexibility. They also shared that ballet is the foundation for virtually every style of dance. Students were even able to try out a few moves!


Trick or Treat

Trick or treat?!
The City of Erlanger and the City of Elsmere both have an official time 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. for trick-or-treating on Sunday, October 31.


Questions? Please call the city...

Erlanger | 859.727.2525. 

Elsmere | 859.342.7911


Free Internet

You may be eligible for discounted internet service

The Emergency Broadband Benefit provides a discount toward broadband Internet service along with a one-time discount to purchase an applicable device. 

If your child receives free or reduced lunch, your family is likely eligible for this benefit, even if you are already paying for Internet service. In order to qualify, please ensure you have a Household Income Form (HIF) on file with our school district, and that you’re eligible based on that form. 

Click here to learn more...


Covid Rent Relief

COVID Rent Relief
Eviction prevention resources available

 Click here for more details... If you’re looking for help with housing costs, you’re not alone. Help is available. State and local organizations are distributing federal rental assistance in our community.