Arnett Elementary is located directly across from the Ohio River and is nestled between homes and businesses in Erlanger and Elsmere. Arnett serves about 345 preschool-fifth grade students who bring a range of needs, experiences, languages, and backgrounds to the classroom.

Our children are diverse learners and many of them have had their lives completely overcome and disrupted by forces beyond their control. Arnett is their safe haven where they are loved unconditionally, held accountable for their decisions, and can learn in a risk-free environment. 

At its core, the school is comprised of a fiercely dedicated group of adults committed to helping the children overcome whatever obstacle lies in their way to being successful. The administrators trust the professionals who serve our children. Teachers are empowered to find a teaching style that matches their personality to use as a vehicle to deliver instruction. Teachers here are also trusted to add their own flavor to instruction to increase engagement and attract the smallest learners. Teachers are trusted to use every minute (“winning 8 a.m.-3 p.m.”) toward the instruction, collaboration, and planning needed to meet the needs of every student.  This trust is then seen and shared by our students with each other and with Arnett’s staff.

It is the hope of all that as we embrace our students and attend to their individual needs, we can also help break down barriers and obstacles that hinder the full potential of each child. In doing so, we hope to inspire them to have a passion for lifelong learning. The diversity doesn’t end with our students; our staff is composed of a driven, passionate, and creative group of people who serve as a team, and more importantly, as a family. These characteristics are what shape the culture and feel of Arnett Elementary School.