Arnett and TMS Food Pantry

The Arnett and Tichenor food pantries will be open Tuesday, 5/11/2021 from 8 AM to 11 AM. YOU MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT TO SHOP. To schedule an appointment, call:

Arnett - Ms. Molley at 859-342-2351

Tichenor - Ms. Amber Evans at 859-342-2426

Please read the following general directions for using the food pantries this school year:

  • You must wear a mask when arriving at school and keep your mask on until leaving school. You will be greeted outside by a staff member where your temperature will be taken and you will complete a safety screening. FRC/YSC will provide a mask and/or gloves if the parent doesn’t have them.
  • One parent will be allowed to shop at a time. Families are encouraged to send one family member per household. In the event that families have to bring their students, they will also have their temperature taken and asked to wear a mask and gloves.
  • Staff will then take the parent directly to the pantry to shop. Masks and gloves will remain on the entire time the family is in the building.  When finished, families will be escorted out of the building. Once outside, they will discard their mask and gloves in the available trash can.

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