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All students in the Erlanger-Elsmere Independent School District attend Tichenor Middle School and Lloyd High School. Elementary school attendance is dependent upon each student's street of residence.

View the list below according to the city you live in to determine which elementary school your student should attend.  

City of Erlanger

City of Elsmere

City of Edgewood

Some streets are divided between Erlanger-Elsmere Schools and surrounding districts. 
Those include: 

 Commonwealth Avenue  Up to 515 - anything higher is out of district
 Crescent Springs Pike  3 houses: 2844, 2864, 2902
 Dell Avenue / Erlanger  4 houses: 3605, 3607, 3609, 3611
 Dixie Highway  3045-4517
 Edgewood Road  25-43 - odd numbers only
 Erlanger Road  7-676
 Goodridge Road  90-114 - even numbers. 103 - only odd number
 Jacqueline Drive                       3533 and up - anything lower is in Kenton County
 Kentaboo Avenue  6-26 - even numbers only
 Lucas Drive  #27
 Lyndale Road  1-13, odd only
 Meadow Lane  3332 only
 Roberts Road  5 and 7
 Sanders Drive  30-127
 Stevenson Road  8-904
 Turkeyfoot Road  3 houses: 3232, 3302, 3236
 Virginia Avenue  5 houses: 4501, 4503, 4504, 4505, 4507
 Woodlyn Hills Drive  3318 and lower - anything higher is in Kenton County

Some streets are divided between two or more Erlanger-Elsmere elementary schools. 
Those include:

 Ash Avenue  237 to 262  Arnett
 Ash Avenue  496 and up  Howell
 Buckner Street  210 to 230, plus 512  Arnett
 Buckner Street  413 and up  Howell
 Dixie Highway  3607 and up   Miles
 Dixie Highway  3606 and down  Lindeman
 Fox Street  261 to 288  Arnett
 Fox Street  411 and up   Howell
 Garvey Avenue  98-204, both even and odd numbers  Miles
 Garvey Avenue  301 to 911, odd numbers only  Arnett
 Garvey Avenue  229 to 251, both even and odd numbers  Howell
 Garvey Avenue  300 to 910, even numbers only   Howell
 Garvey Avenue  916 to 1566, both even and odd numbers  Howell
 Lytle Avenue  13 to 519  Miles
 Lytle Avenue  600 and up  Howell
 Main Street  11-410  Miles
 Main Street  520 and up   Howell
 Palace Avenue  215 to 263  Arnett
 Palace Avenue  418 and up   Howell
 Shaw Avenue  418 and up  Howell
 Shaw Avenue  196 to 269  Arnett
 Spring Street  20 to 262  Arnett
 Spring Street  420 and up  Howell


Some street addresses are not part of the Erlanger-Elsmere School District 
Those include: 

 Brady Court  Kenton County
 Cherry Hill  Boone or Kenton County
 Luke Lane  Kenton County
 Misty Creek  Kenton County
 Trailer Park with Native American Tribal Names  Kenton County
 Commonwealth Avenue  630 to 794 is Kenton County
 (including hotels at 599 and 630)