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In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, parents may review all education records relating to their child. This right is extended to students at age eighteen. Students have a right to an expectation of privacy while on school grounds. Due to this, unauthorized taping, duplication, audio, video, or other means or methods are strictly prohibited. Parents also have the right to file complaints if the district does not comply with this act. Parents of graduated students enrolled in a program for exceptions children, or of students who have otherwise left school, may request the destruction of any personally identifiable information, which was used for identification, evaluation, or placement of the exceptional child. Such requests must be in writing to the Special Education Director.

In accordance with federal regulations concerning the transfer of educational records, this district will forward records on request to a school in which students seek to enroll. Upon written request, parents can obtain copies of these records and discuss these records if necessary.

Parents may request information from the school regarding the professional qualifications of their child's classroom teacher.

NOTE: All student records are confidential and can only be released through proper authorization.