Parent Volunteers are valued at Arnett Elementary School. Please remember that if you anticipate volunteering your services in any way at Arnett Elementary School as a field-trip chaperone, classroom helper, or in any other manner - it is important for you to know that Kentucky State Law requires a criminal background records check.

The Erlanger-Elsmere School District also values the efforts of all volunteers and chaperones at each of its schools.  The district believes that education is a team effort, requiring district staff, parents, and the community to work together for the benefit of the children of Erlanger and Elsmere.  As much as the district values its parent and community volunteers, however, the district must also ensure the safety and security of all of its students.  To that end, parents may visit the Arnett office for completion of the criminal background records check. 

On an annual basis, Volunteers will be required to complete an application for the check.  After processing, the state will send both the applicant and the school a copy of the background check report.  If the applicant meets all requirements, he or she will be immediately approved for the remainder of that school year.

Please be aware that district policy and state law prohibits any volunteer serving in any capacity that has not completed a background check, or in which a background check has indicated any sexual-related offense convictions; all offense convictions against minors; all felony offense convictions against persons or property; all alcohol violation convictions within two (2) years from date of check, and no more than two (2) such offense convictions, in total; all drug-related offense convictions; and all deadly weapon related offense convictions.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact the Arnett office at 727-1488.