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Federal Grant Resource Guide

The Erlanger-Elsmere School District serves as administrator for a number of federal grant programs that benefit the students and communities we serve. Please see below for more information about the grants currently in effect in the school district, along with associated personnel.

Current Federal Grants:

Community Alignment of Resources Team (CART)

Full-Service Community Schools Grant

Substance Use/Misuse Prevention Federal Grants (DFC, STOP, CARA) 

Violence Prevention Grants (VP3 or Project Prevent)

Community Alignment of Resources Team (CART)

The Community Alignment of Resources Team (CART) works to prevent youth substance use and enhance mental health infrastructures in the school and community. CART uses data-driven planning and partnerships to provide substance prevention curriculum, tools to identify at-risk youth, behavioral assessments, and more. Learn more...

Grant Staff
Mary Burch, CART Grant Coordinator, District Wide
Ivy Blanton, Professional School Counselor, Arnett Elementary
Ashley Smith, School Psychologist, District Wide

Full-Service Community Schools Grant
The Full-Service Community Schools Grant is a five-year grant that serves Miles and Lindeman Elementary Schools. This grant supports students from preschool to the workforce by focusing on meeting the needs of the whole child, including offering support to high-need students and families. Learn more...

Grant Staff
Alanya Hoppius, Full Service Community Schools Grant Coordinator, Miles Elementary
Jenni NicholsFamilies in Transition Coordinator, Lindeman and Miles Elementary
Abigail Roush, School Psychologist Intern, Lindeman and Miles Elementary
Emily Salsbury, School Nurse, Lindeman and Miles Elementary

Substance Use/Misuse Prevention Federal Grants (DFC; STOP; CARA)

The Drug Free Communities Federal Grant aims to prevent and reduce substance use and abuse by joining community partners to promote, take action, and support our youth and families in Erlanger and Elsmere to be healthy and strong from cradle to career. Learn more...

Grant Staff
Amy Cooley, E3C Drug Free Coalition, DFC Grant Coordinator
Diana O'Toole, Kenton County Alliance, DFC, STOP, and CARA Grant Director

Violence Prevention Pyramid Project (VP3 or Project Prevent)
The Violence Prevention Pyramid Project (VP3 or Project Prevent) is a five-year grant shared by Erlanger-Elsmere and Covington Schools that increases school district/school ability to address the needs of students affected by violence and to break the cycle of violence in the community. Learn more...

Grant Staff
Kerry McHugh, Project Prevent Grant Coordinator, Erlanger-Elsmere and Covington Schools
Al Poweleit, Instructional Coordinator, Student Support Services, District Wide  
Lori Dickman, Professional School Counselor/Transition Counselor, Tichenor and Lloyd