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Having students who are homeless in the classroom can admittedly be challenging, necessitating ingenuity, creativity, and patience. Yet it is important to remember that the school can be a vitally important part of the homeless student’s life, for it can present the student with a sense of stability. Teachers play a major role.

Listed are some of the common frustrations experienced by students who are homeless and their teachers:

For students: 

  • Ashamed of where they live
    (especially if at a shelter)
  • Teased by other students about homelessness, hygiene, and inabilities
  • Misunderstood by parents
  • Difficulty adjusting to new school, magnified by situation
  • No place to do homework
    (or quiet place for themselves)
  • Developmental delay augments feelings of failure

For teachers:

  • Students may have lived in many places, attending different schools with different teaching methods.
  • No school records.
  • Need to assess educational needs without prior records.
  • Need to do a quick assessment of student as formal measures are too time consuming.
  • Knowledge that the student may move soon.
  • Other students may react negatively. 
  • Students may have difficulty trusting.
  • Inability to contact parents in an emergency.
  • Parents often emotionally available. 
  • Homework completion can be difficult. 


Additional resources: