History of Lloyd High School

by Sam Addington, LMHS Class of 2011

Have you ever wondered what Lloyd used to be like back when it was first around? The Erlanger/Elsmere district didn’t used to be one district at all. They were separate districts with different schools. They wanted to create a new high school for the kids and they decided to build one. When Lloyd Memorial High School was established in the 1920s, the community finally got the new high school that they dreamed of. It was built after Erlanger and Elsmere merged into one district. In 1929, Lloyd had 22 members in their first graduating class. The progression of Lloyd High School was a success, allowing them to create their first football team. The football team was formed in the 1928-29 school year. The Cincinnati Post wrote the Lloyd’s team played “like a juggernaut” and the name stuck. Lloyd then became the Juggernauts, being the only school or college with that mascot. During the fall of 1965, the football team won the state championship. They had an outstanding record of 9-1 during their regular season, losing to Dayton. Lloyd’s school colors were black and gold, but between 1940-45, the band director, Louise Ewers, thought the colors blue and gold looked better, so she ordered the band uniforms those colors, and the colors stuck. 

Lloyd had many successes over the years, along with being one of the first schools to integrate in 1956. The band was one of the best in the southeastern U.S. during the early 1970s, and Lloyd’s Academic team won the first area championship. Even the cross country team won the state championship in 1975-1976. You could say that we have had some pretty good athletic achievements. Lloyd also started the first baseball team back in the late 1940s. 

Many new rooms were added over the years, including a band room, new classrooms and a new cafeteria. In 1973-1974, they had built new metal and wood shops, science labs and lectures rooms.

Lloyd keeps improving and getting up to date with their technology and making sure the students have the tools in order to get a good education. Lloyd Memorial High School has come a long way from the 1920s. 

From Buffalo Trails to the Twenty-First Century: A Centennial History of Erlanger, Kentucky by the Erlanger Historical Society.