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Shelley Werner -  Ensor Annex
859-342-2427 or 513-429-0207

Jenni Nichols - Lindeman Elementary, 859-727-1188
Miles Elementary, 859-727-2231 or 562-234-4555


Kentucky League of Cities wants all of Kentuckians to know the facts about family and youth homelessness.  


If you’re looking for help with housing costs, you’re not alone.   

Please see our link to Eviction Prevention Resources.

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Elmo’s got a message for you: schools help kids grow strong and healthy. Find out how to get kids registered for school, even if they don’t have a place to call home. Bonus: virtual hugs and kisses included!

Shelley Werner                Jenni Nichols 

Shelley Werner                    Jenni Nichols  

As the Families in Transition Coordinators, our responsibility is to provide educational opportunities and assistance to children and youth experiencing homelessness.  If you or your loved ones are living in temporary housing (including staying in a hotel or a shelter, or with friends or relatives), please contact us to see if you qualify for extended services through our FiT program.
Now that the Pandemic Eviction Moratorium has ended, we understand many families are experiencing greater housing instability.  Please reach out to us if you need resources to help maintain your housing.  Preventing homelessness is also a focus of our program at this time.

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