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Shelley Werner -  Ensor Annex
859-342-2427 or 513-429-0207

Jenni Nichols - Lindeman Elementary, 859-727-1188
Miles Elementary, 859-727-2231 or 562-234-4555



Shelley Werner                Jenni Nichols 

Shelley Werner                    Jenni Nichols  

As the Families in Transition Coordinators, our responsibility is to provide educational opportunities and assistance to children and youth experiencing homelessness.  If you or your loved ones are living in temporary housing (including staying in a hotel or a shelter, or with friends or relatives), please contact us to see if you qualify for extended services through our FiT program.  If you are a student who has been kicked out of your home or is currently couch surfing, we would like to hear from you as well.
We may also be able to provide support services if your housing is inadequate and you're dealing with collapsed housing, infestations or lacking electricity or running water.  

Please reach out to us to see if we can help. 

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