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Teaching Students About Homelessness

Homelessness, housing and poverty are valuable as topics for study because they:

  • Help children to make sense of the economic injustices in the world and form thoughtful opinions for themselves.
  • Provide an opportunity for schools to interact with the community and establish service-learning partnerships
  • Give students the chance to make a contribution toward ending homelessness.
  • Identify stereotypes and dispel myths about people without homes.
  • Reinforce the value of education in fulfilling one's own career goals.
  • Sensitize students to be more accepting of those in their school who might be without a home.
  • Prepare students to deal with important social problems instead of "sheltering" them from the concerns of our society.

For those wishing to educate children or young adults about family homelessness, please feel free to use the resources provided below.

Check out these student-appropriate videos as well...

  • Season 1, E4,  of Through Our Eyes, Sesame Street's new docuseries, explores homelessness through the eyes of the children experiencing it.  Hosted by HBO Max.