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Up Close and Personal

Stories of Those Experiencing Homelessness

Oftentimes we find it difficult to understand the challenges others face until we, or those we love, are confronted with the same challenges.   Storytelling is a great gift as it allows us to explore a world that is unfamiliar to us and often fills us with great emotion and inspires us to take action. We are thankful to those who have told their stories so that we may better understand homelessness.  Enjoy these articles, podcasts, personal accounts and more.

Kentucky League of Cities wants all Kentuckians to know the facts about family and youth homelessness

I was a homeless high school student.  America's laws do not do enough to help kids like me.
Washington Post 

Homeless but hidden, some American families are disqualified from crucial aid
NBC News

NPR takes a closer look at how this Pandemic is affecting the academic achievement of students experiencing homelessness.

The Washington Post provides a detailed look at those living in a hotel during the Pandemic.

SchoolHouse Connection presents: Homelessness and the Pandemic: Five Youth Share Insights

Danny, a 2018 Schoolhouse Connection scholar, shares his story of homelessness in Growing up as the Youngest.

60 Minutes provides us with an in-depth look at the hardships faced by students in Hardtimes Generation: Families Living in Cars 

Would you like to tell your story? 
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