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Violence Prevention

Violence Prevention Pyramid Project (VP3 or Project Prevent) is a five-year grant shared by Erlanger-Elsmere and Covington Schools that increases school district/school ability to address the needs of students affected by violence and to break the cycle of violence in the community.

Healthy, Connected, Skilled, Resilient

Increase school district/school ability to address the needs of students affected by violence and to break the cycle of violence in the community.

This is a five-year grant that will end September 30, 2024.

Grant Goals:
1. Reduce behavior referrals for violent offenses
2. Increase number of students receiving mental health services
3. Increase student engagement
4a. Increase the quality of family engagement with community-based resources
4b. Increase quality of engagement between schools and community-based resources.


This grant provides training, professional development, and support for the school-level implementation of:

Grant Staff:

Kerry McHugh

Kerry McHugh
Project Prevent Grant Coordinator

Serves: Erlanger-Elsmere Schools and Covington Independent Public Schools
Office location: Lloyd High School, Room 41 (Out of district on Thursdays)


Al Poweleit


Al Poweleit
Instructional Coordinator, Student Support Services

Serves: Erlanger-Elsmere Schools
Office location: Board of Education

Al serves as a liaison between the schools, the district, and community-based agencies, including mental health providers. His role is to act as a liaison with the local and state agencies in seeking solutions to the problems of school children. He assists the Director of Pupil Personnel to secure the enrollment in school of all children who should be enrolled and keep all enrolled children in reasonable regular attendance. In the event that attendance is a problem he ascertains the causes of the irregular attendance and seeks the elimination of these causes.

Al is responsible for interpreting pupil services policies and methods to school personnel, parents, children, and the community. He collaborates with the Director of Pupil Personnel to implement programs to provide counseling for individuals or groups of students or parents having problems related to attendance. He also collaborates with teachers, principals, and other district personnel in sharing information and understanding about a student, and establishes and plans for respective roles in the modification of the student’s behavior in regard to attendance.

Al establishes effective liaison with the various school resources, local agencies, regional agencies, and state resources that may provide specialized or professional help to students and their parents and serve as a referral agent to those resources and agencies.

Lori Dickman

Lori Dickman
Professional School Counselor / Transition Counselor

Serves: Tichenor and Lloyd
859.727.2255 ext. 632, Tichenor
859.727.1555 ext. 747, Lloyd

August to December: LMHS 3 days per week, TMS 2 days per week
January to May: LMHS 1 day per week, TMS 4 days per week. 

Restorative Justice in Education

Diana Queen
Restorative Justice Coordinator

Kentucky Center for Restorative Justice (not a district employee)

Susie Bookser
Community and Restorative Justice - Covington (not a district employee)