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When to Refer Students to FiT

Please email Shelley Werner when you know or suspect students and/or their family members to be living:

  • With friends, their grandparent, uncle, cousin or co-worker, etc...
  • In a motel, hotel or shelter
  • With a "guardian" (many students qualify for FiT services because the guardian does not have permanent custody)
  • In emergency or temporary placement situations

Also, refer if the parent or student states that the person they are living with:

  • Becomes incarcerated
  • Is seeking treatment for an addiction
  • Suddenly becomes unemployed
  • Is in danger of being evicted
  • Is part of a domestic violence situation

Refer even if you find out about a family's situation months after it has taken place or if a child's temporary housing situation only lasts a short time. There is no time limit associated with a temporary housing situation and FiT students receive services for the entire school year and will often move in and out of housing stability. Showing support and providing resources are on-going FiT services.

Families also qualify for FiT services if:

  • Living without electricity, running water or in buildings that are not structurally sound or may create a health risk due to infestation.
  • Living in cramped or crowded housing arrangements
  • They have home damage due to a natural disaster

Please don't worry that you may refer someone who does not qualify. I enjoy speaking to our community members and I'd rather talk with a family who doesn't qualify than miss one that does. You don't have to figure out if the family qualifies, I'll handle that part!